Why Do I sell some of my content?

Wed, Feb 3, 2021 2-minute read

In this world where everything looks free, why do I sell some of my content?

When I began to write for The Valuable Dev, 5 years ago, it was clear for me that I didn’t want to monetize anything: I hate advertisements, and I didn’t want the lure of gain to cloud my judgments and influence my choices. I just wanted to keep my main goal in mind at all time: creating in depth articles I would have loved to read myself. Trying to help developers all over the world as much as I could.

The Valuable Dev will always be free, without any advertisement, affiliate link, sponsor, or anything which could influence its vision. The only things which drive my writing are the comments, questions, and feedback of my readers.

Unfortunately, I have little time to write for it. I need to pay the bills, so I need to spend most of my time working for startups, often to fulfill their main goal: making money.

I don’t care about big cars, big flats, or even big computers; mine is 10 years old and works fine. The “rich and famous” lifestyle doesn’t attract me at all, or I would have chosen a different path. But I would love to be able to:

When you buy one of my product, you give me time to spend on my free content. So from the bottom of my heart: thank you!